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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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Public Health Action for a Safer Europe


In July 2007, in the context of the Public Health Programme 2006, the European Commission and EuroSafe (European Association for Injuries Prevention and Safety Promotion) signed the European project denominated PHASE co-financed by the EC-DG SANCO (Public Health and Consumer Protection).

PHASE aims at responding to the Commission's Communication to the European Council "Actions for a Safer Europe" adopted in June 2006, which highlights the need for enhanced information exchange on the size, nature and societal impact of accidents and injuries and on the evidence of effective measures and good practices in injury prevention. Child safety promotion and the prevention of interpersonal violence are prioritised as issues for collaborative actions at Community level.


30 months (starting date: 1 July 2007)


€ 1.999.140,00 (EC co-funding: 60%)


European Association for Injuries Prevention and Safety Promotion (Amsterdam, NL)


  • ULSS 20
    Unità Locale Socio Sanitaria (Verona, IT)
  • KfV
    Kuratorium fur Verkehrssicherheit / Bereich Heim, Freizeit & Sport (Wien, AT)
  • CSI
    Consumer Safety Institute (Amsterdam, NL)

General Objectives

  • Enhance injury data exchange in the MSs
  • Reinforce current health-sector related networks (priority areas: Child safety and Interpersonal Violence)

Six Work Packages

  1. Coordination · EuroSafe
  2. Dissemination · EuroSafe
  3. Evaluation · ULSS 20
  4. Injury info and reporting KfV
  5. Child Safety Action plans · CSI
  6. Interpersonal Violence · ULSS 20