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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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HEalthy REturn: Health and Return of Illegal Residents
European Commission With the support of the European Commission

Good practices for basic requirements in the provision of health care to returnees (voluntary and forced), with a particolar focus on vulnerable groups prior to departure.


Relevant Literature

» European Literature

» National Literature
Relevant Legislation

» European Legislation

» National Legislation

Other (Pilot Projects, Protocols, Experiences)

» Questionnaires

» Pilot Projects

» Power Point Presentations (Ragusa June 10-12 2009)

10 June 2009, Ragusa (Italy)

11 June 2009, Ragusa (Italy)

12 June 2009, Ragusa (Italy)

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