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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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Flooding: Rapid Response & Simulation Schemes for Safety of Disabled

Overflowing, the rivers rush across the open plains, sweeping away at the same time not just orchards, flocks, houses and human beings, but sacred temples and their contents. [...] And now the land and sea are not distinct, all is the sea, the sea without a shore.

(Ovidio, Metamorphoses)

There has been a general increase in the frequency of severe river flooding in Europe, as evidenced by recent catastrophes, a phenomenon which seems likely to continue in the future(COM (2004)472 final). In fact, extreme floods are the most common form of natural disasters in Europe, making preparedness and rapid reaction protocols a priority at the local, nationals and European levels.

The Community has developed a series of measures and actions in the field of civil protection to provide a common response to emergency situations of different origin in aefficient and coordinated way. Specifically the European Commission adopted a Community Action Programme in the field of Civil Protection (2005/12/EC OJ L6/7), to implement actions for the protection of persons, property and environment in the event of natural and technological disasters.


In the context of this programme, ULSS 20 Verona has been granted funding by the EC for the support of the project which has as its primary aim the exchange of experience and best practice between EU Civil Protection Structures on rapid response and simulations schemes in case of river floods as regards disabled persons.


Start date: 1 December 2006
End date: 28 February 2009
Global duration of the project: 27 months


Global budget: 187.201,00 €
ULSS 20 Verona budget: 119.582,00 €
EC cofinancing: 75%


Azienda ULSS 20 Verona
Legal Representative: Ms. M. Giuseppina Bonavina (General Director of ULSS 20 Verona)
Project leader: Mr. Claudio Detogni
Project manager: Ms. Paola Paon - Tel (0039) 045 807 6038/40