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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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Past events


10-11 May 2010, Verona (Italy) **
OB.SURVE Second Technical Meeting.

13 January 2010, Verona (Italy)°
PHASE Task Force Leaders meeting.


16th October 2009, Verona (Italy) *
ADRISK Project - “Split the Risk training” - pilot project “Split the risk” presentation promoted by Verona Ulss 20 in collaboration with the Consumer Safety Institute (CSI)

12-13 October 2009, Verona (Italy) **
OB.SURVE First Technical Meeting.

10-11-12 June 2009, Ragusa (Italy) **
Thematic Workshop and HE.RE. Final Conference.

24th March 2009, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) °
Coordination meeting of the PHASE project.

26th-27th February 2009, Verona (Italy) **
Second technical meeting of the PHASE WP 6 project on Interpersonal Violence.

23rd-25th February2009, Verona (Italy) **
Final Conference of the FSD project.


2008 events archive (Adobe PDF format)


2007 events archive (Adobe PDF format)


2006 events archive (Adobe PDF format)

° Events at which ULSS 20 Verona participates
** Events organized by ULSS 20 Verona

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Focus On


Verona Charter on the rescue of persons with disabilities in case of disasters elaborated at the Consensus Conference in the framework of the RDD project.



Turin Charter on skiing safety.

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