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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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European Autism Information Systems

ULSS 20 role

ULSS 20 is leader of Work package 2 (Dissemination of information) and Work package 8 (Harmonised early detection tool). For the execution of its tasks, ULSS 20 takes advantage of the expertise of both the Child Neuropsychiatry Department (NPIPEE) as well as of the International Relations Office (URI).

Dissemination of information
Work package 2

This Work Package (WP) is linked to both specific objects of this project. An important precondition in ensuring an effective dissemination process is to assess the quality of the information to be disseminated.

Description of work

Will ensure dissemination of information:

  • Through the list of relevant institutions and the register of interested parties which will be developed under WP 4, regular messages through targeted electronic mail shots can ensure continuous awareness of the issue among stakeholders.
  • This will be supported by sending out regular Newsletters in electronic form which will also be distributed among a wider audience interested in public health and relative policy areas.
  • WP 2 will also coordinate the proper publication and dissemination of reports or technical guidelines which will be developed under the different work packages. Most publications will be produced in an electronic format that is easy to distribute at low cost.
  • WP 2 will also produce a photograph exhibition entitled "This is me !". This is to be a series of black and white portraits of children aged between five and ten years. The photos will capture expressions/behaviour of children with autism in different contexts, including fun activities.
Harmonised early detection tool
Work package 8

This Work Package (WP) will draw up draft guidelines which will describe the required structure of a system necessary to identify early warning signs of Autism including a description of necessary tools, training and approaches.

WP 8 will also prepare a video to highlight elements of the warning sign "Interaction Disorder" in order to sensitize the target groups (1. parents 2. paediatricians, teachers, nursery school teachers, healthcare professionals in general, GPs) to potential cases of autism.

Description of work

A comprehensive analysis of existing tools and methodologies will be studied using the expertise of the project partners, the Scientific Advisory Panel and the wider community, through the EAA.

Guidelines will be drawn up following consultative work at the second workshop and with the Scientific Advisory Panel. A validation study for the assessment of the diagnostic tool will be designed and implemented.