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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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Best Practices in Prevention of Skiing Accidents in Europe: The New Challenge

Upcoming events

4th European Snow Law Forum · Bormio (Italy), 28-30 November 2007

18th International Congress on Ski Trauma and Safety, ISSS · Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), April 26 - May 2, 2009

Past events

11-12 December 2007, San Vito di Cadore (Belluno, Italy)
International Mountain Day · Photogallery

Third European Legal Forum on Snow · Bormio (Italy), 23-25 November 2007

Verona (Italy), 19 October 2007
2nd technical meeting.

White Paper on Sport, 11 July 2007
The European Commission, DG Sport, has published a new White Paper on Sport on 11 July 2007, with the objective of giving strategic orientation on the role of sport in Europe. More info and full text download:

ISSS 17th International Research Symposium · Aviemore, 13-19 May 2007

Dott. Detogni of ULSS 20 Verona, BePraSA project leader, presented the Turin Charter at the "17th International Research Symposium on Ski Trauma and Skiing Safety" hold in Aviemore, Scotland 13th-19th May 2007.

The ISSS is a multidisciplinary organisation founded in 1974, with members from all over the world, that advances safety issues and injury care in snow sports through education, research and development in all related fields.

The conference is a biannual symposium and the world's leading forum for research into the causes and systems of prevention of snow accidents and injuries. A worldwide network of experts gathered to exchange views and ideas on a host of research topic, including injury epidemiology, case reports, treatment of snow sport injuries, new equipment design and testing, evaluation of protective equipment, injury prevention campaigns, ski area factors.

Bormio, 1-3 December 2006
Second European Legal Forum on Snow Safety "Dai diritti della Neve al Diritto della Neve".

European Commission, Luxembourg, 12 October 2006
Joint Meeting Working Party on Accidents and Injuries and Governmental Experts Group on Accidents and Injuries.

Vienna, 25-27 June 2006
First European Conference on Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention · Photogallery

European Commission, Bruxelles, 20-21 February 2006
International Workshop on accident/injury data collection for non-food product and service risk assessment.

Consensus Conference · Turin, 5 February 2006
At the XX Olympics Games in Turin, Azienda ULSS 20 Verona and the BePraSA project promoted a consensus conference in collaboration with the Turin Olympic Organising Committee (TOROC). As a result of the Consensus Conference the Turin Charter on Skiing Safety was developed by a panel of experts. The Charter lays the foundations for articulating a common universal vision and for implementing global norms and standards on skiing accident prevention measures · Photo gallery