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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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Community Action on Adolescents and injury Risk
European Situation Analysis, Strategy Plan and Community Actions

Leader: KfV (Austria)


The Community Action on Adolescents and Injury Risk (AdRisk) project responds to the call for an integrated approach to reduce the injury risk among adolescents. AdRisk defines adolescents as young people aged 15-24.

The project focuses on national policy and strategy development, situation analysis, network development and the provision of tools and good practices. AdRisk refers to the 2006 EC Communication "Actions for a safer Europe" which defines injury and accident prevention as a priority for the Public Health.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of adolescents aged 15-24 by encouraging the creation of stimulating environments and learning opportunitieswhere they can fully explore and develop their physical, psychological and social skills and competencies, without undue injury risks.


Our vision statement is: "Risk taking is fun: better be safe than sorry!"


  1. Advocate the importance of injury prevention and safety promotion for adolescents aged 15-24 at both European and national level, and for consistency of policies and educational programmes used throughout Europe that impacton the safety of young people;
  2. Mediate the different interests in society regarding youth injury prevention and safety promotion with coordinated actions by all concerned: governments, health, and other social and economic sectors, nongovernmental and voluntary organisations, local authorities, business, and the media;
  3. Provide strategy recommendations and tools to different stakeholders to promote injury prevention among adolescents with specific focus on risk taking behaviour;
  4. Strengthen actions for empowering young people to cope with risks and to explore their potential without undue injury risks.


Start date: 1 April 2006
End date: 30 March 2009
Global duration: 30 months


Global budget: 1.524.000,00 €
ULSS 20 Verona budget: 238.771,00 €
EC cofinancement: 60%


KfV (Austria)


ULSS 20 Verona (Italy)
Public Health Institute (Finland)
Consument en Veiligheid, CSI (the Netherlands)
National Center for Health Care Audit and Inspection (Budapest, Hungary)