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Service for International Social and Health Relations

ULSS 20 Verona (Veneto region, Italy)

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The Service for International Social and Health Relations is responsible for all international activity of ULSS 20 Verona. It was created in 2003 and is staffed with highly qualified professionals with international experience.The main function of the office is to provide technical support and consultancy services to the different departments of ULSS 20 Verona.

Spoken languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Dr. Luigi Bertinato
photo Luigi Bertinato



Administrative officers

Laura Giorgi
photo Laura Giorgi


Tel: (0039) 045 807 6040

Giovanni Venturini
photo Giovanni Venturini


Tel:(0039) 045 807 6038

Project Management/Coordination

Antionio Morari
photo Antonio Morari


Tel: (0039) 045 807 6037


Beatrice Mantovani
photo Beatrice Mantovani

Degree in Law.

Tel: (0039) 045 807 5025

Federico Cagliari
photo Federico Cagliari

Degree in Political Science and International Relations.

Tel: (0039) 045 807 5071

Luis Emiliano Peña Altamira
photo Emiliano Pena

BSc and MSc in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Bologna. PhD in Cell Biology and Physiology from the University of Bologna. Currently attending an MSc in Science Communication at the University of Padova.

Tel: (0039) 045 807 6053